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GarryEPresident's Corner for June 2023

Here we are starting the summer and that means one thing for fishermen: Bass Opener is just around the corner. So dust off your Jitterbugs, Creekchubs and Lazy Ikes.
Now that I am thinking about it those are really old time lures. Well, I still have and use them. Guess I am showing my age. Looking in my tackle box is the history of fishing over the past six decades. I am looking forward to seeing some photos posted at the club of some of the kids holding up some nice bass.
On a more serious note. Is it me or am I seeing more and more "Gun Free Zone" signs. They seem to be everywhere you go, malls, movie theaters certain areas in your home town, and the list can fill this page. Some privately owned businesses even post gun free signs. It is getting more difficult to go about your life if you carry to navigate the maze. I guess some people that walk among us don't realize there are good guys and gals that carry and there are the bad. Us law abiding folks are the good guys.
Till next month I wish you well and see you at the pond.


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