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Legislative Update Blue with Stars smallBranch Valley Legislative Report 12-2017

The opposition has been quite busy at both the Federal and State levels in the last few months. In addition to the major Federal bills I noted last month, here are just some of the potential legislation that could affect us; both nationally and more so, within PA State.
Federal: Yet more Republicans are wanting to chip away at our rights:
Republican Sens. John Cornyn and Ron Johnson are among the few GOP lawmakers considering moving forward with the ban legislation. Cornyn told reporters there’s an “obvious concern” about bump stocks after the Las Vegas shooting, according to the AP.
"I own a lot of guns and as a hunter and sportsman I think that's our right as Americans, but I don't understand the use of this bump stock and that's another reason to have a hearing,” he said.
Johnson added: "I have no problem in banning those.”
The problem with this line of discussion goes FAR beyond the stated "bump fire stocks" and as written, these bills could later be determined to include such items as standard trigger tuning, aftermarket spring kits and other very common upgrades as providing for an "increased rate of fire" of standard semi auto firearms. Once again, the opposition seems to be taking control of the language used; this is particularly hazardous as most citizens lack the technical knowledge (and patience) to understand anything beyond the 10 second "sound bites" being offered.
Keep in mind, the 2nd amendment does NOT mention hunting as a reason for bearing arms, but rather as the ultimate hedge against tyranny from government!
The rest of this report will cover only SOME of the recently introduced bills in PA. Note that both Democrats AND Republicans are attempting to circumvent our rights! Please let your PA House Rep and Senator know your opinion:
PA: August 15, 2017 04:02 PM
From: Representative Stephen Kinsey: D-201-Phily
To: All House members
"Colleagues, please join me in sponsoring a legislative proposal, which would make it unlawful for a person participating in or attending a public demonstration to possess a firearm or other dangerous article."
No Bill # yet, preliminary info at: http://www.legis.state.pa.us/cfdocs/Legis/CSM/showMemoPublic.cfm?chamber=H&SPick=20170&cosponId=24393
From the same Rep Kinsey comes PA HB-1709, which would require a "Firearm Safety Certificate" obtained after documented detailed training completion for EVERY firearm owner in PA. This would require renewal every 5 years. PASP would be in overall charge of the specifics. Cost in ADDITION to the instructor fees would be $35 of which $25 would be forwarded to the PASP. This would enable a legalized gun REGISTRATION system beyond the already illegal ROS data base. Obviously, any written or live range test could be made so difficult that it would be virtually impossible to pass, costs could increase to the point of preventing issuance, etc..
Text here: http://www.legis.state.pa.us/CFDOCS/Legis/PN/Public/btCheck.cfm?txtType=PDF&sessYr=2017&sessInd=0&billBody=H&billTyp=B&billNbr=1709&pn=2294
Rather than yet more legislation that could be used nefariously, I suggest that we request a bill be introduced that would include a mandatory program of firearm safety which should be taught in EVERY school in the State (based at first on the NRA "Eddie Eagle" course, which is already freely available) and inclusion of free literature published with no hidden anti agenda to be made available at the point of purchase of every firearm. It should cover the important parts of State and Federal firearm related law, the PA Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground laws and basic gun safety.
There should be no fees, requirements, licensing or other governmental "permissions" necessary to practice a RIGHT that is guaranteed by both the US and PA Constitutions. Then, they are then no longer rights, but privileges! The "SUGGESTION" of continued advanced study with lists of instructors and courses available in the local area should also be made available.
PA H-1507, sponsored by Vanessa Brown (D-190-West Phily) would require $1M of liability insurance prior to the issuance of a LTCF. Insurance ID certificates would be required along with notification to PASP of policy lapse or cancellation which would result in immediate revocation of the LTCF. Failure to produce this certificate on police demand would result in confiscation of the firearm. Fines up to $15K and charges up to M2 (which would become a permanent firearm disability) are permitted for any non compliance. Text here:
Rep. Jamie Santora (R - 163rd district) has sponsored HB-1400, which would required background checks for ALL firearms transactions in PA.
Text of bill:
In closing, remember that the (well funded and well organized) opposition never sleeps and will always be there ready and willing to take advantage of any tragedy to force their agenda to limit or negate our natural rights.

Remember, Freedom is Never Free!

Jim Hildenberger - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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