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Outdoor Range Rules 2015

No Rapid Fire

Shooting Hours 
(Monday – Saturday) 7AM – Sunset 
Sunday: 9AM- Sunset 
Eye and Ear Protection is Required 
All Firearms on Firing Line Must Point Down Range at All Times. 
No Rapid Fire-Aimed Fire Only- minimum 1 second intervals between shots. 
No Military Armor Piercing or Incendiary or 50 cal. BMG Ammo & 416 Barrett Ammo 
Firearms and Magazine capacities Permitted on Range: 
Maximum of 10 (ten) Rounds in any Firearm. No Exceptions! 
100 Yard Range: No Pistols Allowed. Center Fire/Rim Fire Rifles, Muzzleloader Rifles & Shotguns with Slugs 
50 Yard Range: Shotguns with Slugs Only , Rifles and Pistols Permitted. 
30 Yard Range : All Lanes allow Rifle or Pistol 
30 Yard Range: Allowed are Shotguns with Slugs or Buckshot, but only in the Center Lane 
On Outdoor Range: You Must Shoot from Firing Line Only 
Use Only Target Holders Provided - No Oversized Targets Larger than the Target Backer. Backers are black or/white corrugated plastic. No targets will be placed on any wood framework or building structure at any time. 
Paper Targets Only to be used at all times. 
No cross range firing: You MUST shoot in your own lane 
Range Officer (BVFG Member) 
One member to be designated as “Range Officer” responsible for all firing positions in range area 
Range Officer will manage “cease fire” periods. 
Shooters to cooperate with officer calling a cease fire 
Cease fire period will be called as “LINE CLEAR” 
When range officer determines everyone is behind the firing line, shooting is to resume. The range officer will call “THE LINE IS HOT” 
Firearms not in use, can be stored open/empty on rear racks or rear work tables away from shooting benches. 
Firing Line, New shooter coaching. 
Only shooter and 1 coach or observer per shooter is allowed on the firing line at the same time 
Before any one goes down range: 
All firearm actions to be open. Insert high visibility color empty chamber indicators provided on the line. 
NO firearms on shooting bench will be handled while anyone is down-range 
After all shooters agree to cease-fire period, all may then; and only then may proceed to target areas. 
No one is permitted behind target line at ANY time except for maintenance crew working on the range. 
When you have finished shooting: 
Remove used targets from target backers, take with you or place in trash receptacle 
Unwanted casings should be placed in recycle containers provided marked Brass, Aluminum, or Steel 
Recyle containers and contents are “Club Property” 
Duds/Misfires to be placed in container marked “duds” 
Return key to the clubhouse or pass to another member remaining at the range. 
If you are last member leaving the range: 
Lock the range gate and return the key to the clubhouse key box. 
No “Horseplay” on the range at any time 
Any Mishaps on the Range Must Be Reported Immediately to Club Director or Officer 

NOTE: Failure to comply with the range rules will result in disciplinary action which may include loss of membership 


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